Tribal Gaming- Good for our Community

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Through economic development, the Poarch Band of Creek Indians is able to pursue a goal of self-reliance and responsible governance. Revenue created from Tribal gaming allows the Tribe to provide crucial services such as education, child & elder care, cultural preservation, health care, police & fire protection, and housing.

Tribal gaming also allows the Tribe to invest in our local communities and create jobs. As one of the top employers in our county, the Poarch Creeks provide hundreds of rewarding careers for both Tribal members and others. Ninety percent of enterprise employees are non-Indian. Employment in our home towns allows future generations an opportunity to earn a living close to home, keeping our communities strong.

Tribal Gaming Helps Alabama

*Economic study based on 2005 numbers, current growth not reflected in the following statistics.

Direct Employment:

  • 669 people directly employed in the state
  • 90% held by non-Indians

Ripple Effect:

  • 2,883 jobs in Alabama attributed directly or indirectly to PCI gaming operations
  • $25.3 million generated in Federal income, and payroll taxes.
  • $5.8 million collected by state of Alabama in state income, payroll, sales, excise and other taxes.
  • Tribal enterprises and government spent $48.2 million in goods and services.
  • $12.5 million in gaming wages were paid in 2005. After taxes, employees were left with $8.2 million in disposable income.

Relieves Taxpayer Burden:

  • Revenue generated by Tribal gaming helps fund schools, healthcare and other social services, community development, and land improvements.
  • Jobs created by Tribal gaming reduced Federal government unemployment benefits and welfare payments by $7.2 million.
  • Economic activity generated by Poarch Creek tribal gaming reduced the 2005 federal deficit by $32.5 million.

Good Neighbors:

  • Community Services Support: Planned Giving Campaign included support for United Fund, Relay for Life, Birmingham Museum of Art and American Red Cross.
  • Community Development: Youth football complex, language and cultural classes.
  • Tribal Member Services: Homeland Security, Wellness & Activities Department and Catastrophic Health Plan contributions.
  • Land and Improvement: Historic structure site work and Magnolia Branch road improvement.
  • Education: Tribal Member scholarships, Even Start, Adult GED.